Everyone should be properly registered in the parish. If you are not registered, please provide us with a signed copy of your registration form and keep us updated about your mailing address and phone number.


Currently approximately 142 registered families make up our parish, and we continue to grow as young people move to the city, people return to the church their family attended many years ago, and as more Polish people move to St. Louis and the vicinity. Parishioners of St. Agatha reside as close as across the street from the church, to as far as 40 or more miles away.  Our families are English, Polish or bilingual speaking.  No matter the distance or language preference, they are able to join together in this historic church to meet their spiritual needs.


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St. Agatha Church - Polish Roman Catholic Parish

3239 South 9th Street (at Utah) St. Louis , MO 63118-2629

Telephone: (314) 772-1603 Fax: (314) 772-3979

Archdiocese of St. Louis