The St Agatha church two manual and pedal pipe organ was originally constructed in 1885 by the Pfeffer Organ Company of St. Louis, which furnished pipe organs to a large number of Catholic Churches in St. Louis and environs.  Their construction and tonal workmanship was of very high quality.  The instrument was built with ‘Tracker’ (mechanical) action, and wind was supplied by a hydraulic motor powered by city water pressure, and alternately was hand pumped.  In the early 1920's, the Wicks Organ Company of Highland, Illinois, performed a major rebuild of the instrument, installing a new console, electric action, wind supply and made certain tonal modifications in line with the, then, popular “romantic” style of organ tonality which featured “orchestral’ tone color.  The Antiphonal Organ behind the High Altar was also installed at the Wicks rebuild.  Many of the Pfeffer pipes were retained in the resultant scheme, augmented with Wicks pipework.  Over the years, many renovations were performed to keep the instrument in working condition.




Great Division 3" Wind Pressure

 16' Open Diapason

  8' Open Diapason

  8' Gamba

  8' Melodia

  8' Dulciana

  4' Octave

  4' Flute D’Amour

  2 2/3' Quint

  2' Fifteenth

  4 Mixture IV'

  8' Trumpet

  21 Note Chimes


Pedal Division 3" Wind Pressure

 16' Resultant - from 16' Diapason & 16' Bourdon

 16' Double Open Diapason

 16' Bourdon

 16'  Lieblich Gedeckt

  8' Cello

  4' Flute - from Great 4' Flute D’Amour


Swell Division 3" Wind Pressure

 16' Bourdon

  8' Open Diapason

  8' Salicional

  8' Stopped Diapason

  8' Quintadena

  4' Gemshorn

  4' Flute Harmonic

  2' Piccolo

  8' Oboe

  4' Clarion



Antiphonal Division 3" Wind Pressure

  8' Open Diapason

  8' Clarabella

  8' Aoeline

  8' Vox Celeste

  4' Concert Flute

  8' Vox Humana


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